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Traveler Secure is Intelligent Readiness

Whether you are sending your child to school in Seattle or you are traveling across town in Rio, cross country in France or visiting family in Baghdad, Traveler Secure will be there for you, your loved ones, and your organization.  Explore Traveler Secure for free and you'll understand that without this tool, you're just not doing everything you can to keep your people safe.


The App

Your phone becomes a powerful emergency device. Send status updates, have your travel monitored, or send a Panic notification.  In a panic, your phone will send location, photo, audio and other technical data to your dashboard and emergency contacts while discreetly calling your designated emergency phone contact.  All information is easily shared with authorities.

The Dashboard

Manage the security of family or organizational users from 2 - 10,000 from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.  Add multiple app users to your account; see the location of everyone, create groups, set geofence boundaries, trigger a panic alert and more. Much more.


The App and Dashboard combine to bring professional-grade security solutions to you or your organization.  Secure, reliable, scalable and cost-effective at less than 17 cents for each user per day.  Try it for FREE today and see how Traveler Secure can dramatically improve the odds of your survival.  



Who needs Traveler Secure?

Families, small and large businesses, college students, missionaries, first responders, aid organizations, tourists... anyone who wants to maintain accountability of any size group while ensuring that the response to any safety or security incident is effective.

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