What makes Traveler Secure so effective?

We do.  We are law-enforcement, military, and security veterans with global experience in assaults, missing persons, extortion, kidnappings, detentions, and more.  Traveler Secure was built on that experience to create what we believe to be the world's best safety and security smartphone system.  Try it for free and discover how Traveler Secure can help safeguard your family, group, or organization.


We're On A Mission

Our mission is to promote security, mercy and justice for those who have little.  The majority of our revenue funds non-profit efforts to counter international sex-trafficking, especially that of children.  We also provide free or reduced-cost Traveler Secure accounts to international aid organizations and law-enforcement agencies.  As you improve your safety, you are helping to improve the safety of those next door, and on the other side of the globe

Our story begins in 2009. Rolando Lopez, a veteran FBI Special Agent, began assisting international orphanages who were facing a myriad of threats, to include robbery, assault, extortion and human trafficking, creating Orphan Secure to support those efforts.  Over the years, Orphan Secure grew into a dynamic organization of cyber experts and volunteers from across the spectrum of international governmental, non-profit, law-enforcement, military and intelligence veterans.  Increasingly, Orphan Secure began focusing on international human trafficking, especially the trafficking of children into the international sex-trade.

Needing to create a stable funding source for Orphan Secure efforts, Rolando joined with David Scholl, a veteran of the Army's Special Forces and recognized security expert, to establish Nations Secure.  Since 2014, Nations Secure has successfully resolved crises and conducted investigations on every continent.  Rolando and David also began developing a concept for a smartphone app that merged technology with the subjects they knew best; extortion, kidnapping, detentions, and missing persons.  

In 2015, they contracted Insite, an award winning digital media company, to create Traveler Secure.  Together, they created what is arguably the world's best safety and security app, debuting in April of 2017.  Also in 2017, and in light of Orphan Secure's expanded scope, Rolando created Freedom's Shield, to better focus on the international human trafficking mission, allowing Orphan Secure to remain a program focused on the plight of orphans. 

Nations Secure, Traveler Secure, Freedom's Shield and the many individuals and organizations that support our mission form Team Secure - an informal alliance committed to security, mercy and justice.  Email Team Secure for more information about joining this effort. 

75% of Traveler Secure and Nations Secure profits are committed to fund non-profit efforts under the banner of Freedom's Shield.  Additionally, Traveler Secure is offered either free or at a discounted rate to law enforcement and international aid organizations.  



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