Who we are looking for:

International individuals or companies who are highly proficient at their craft and are licensed for any work they perform within a jurisdiction.  Work may include security services, transportation, logistics, investigations, law-enforcement or legal outreach or general facilitators. 

Benefits to joining us:  

In addition to gaining additional business through Traveler Secure users or Nations Secure clients, you may exploit our expanded network of providers for your business.  Just as you make our network stronger, our network will add capabilities to your business.  

In interested:

Simply use our contact form at either Traveler Secure or Nations Secure with your contact information and expressed interest.  We'll get back to you right away.

More than a business opportunity.

Don't forget that our primary purpose is to oppose those who exploit the vulnerable.  We have both paid and pro-bono opportunities to assist Freedom's Shield and the mission of security, mercy and justice.  Let us know if that appeals to you.