The App

  • Best if used within an organization, but works well for an individual.
  • The app is free.  All costs are associated with an organization - if you join one you'll never pay a penny.
  • Individuals who are not part of an organization can customize who gets notified of a safety or security emergency.
  • Status Check-In tells keeps the right people informed about where you are and what you're doing while holding those that you are with accountable.
  • Trip Manager allows users to keep others informed about travel from one place to another.
  • Easy links to update your profile or contacts.
  • A simple swipe of the Traveler Secure icon from any page, from left to right, triggers a panic - then a lot of things happen...
    • Screen defaults to screenshot.
    • Phone calls emergency phone contact; audio is off so bad guys are unaware. (iOS requires you to select "call" as opposed to cancel to place this call).
    • Designed by investigators, unique user profile is sent to emergency contacts.
    • Location is sent, and continues to send.
    • Front/rear photo, audio and other technical data is captured and sent; limited by device type, regional laws, and service provider policies.
    • Information is easily shared with law enforcement or other contacts.


The Organization Dashboard

  • Works best on a PC, but works well on a pad or smartphone (think of it as a second app).
  • Each added user depletes your account at .17 cents per-day ($5/month).  You control how much you add to your account without purchasing licenses or autocharging your account. We start you off with $5 credit to "test drive" at no risk.
  • Powerful, easily customizable features for families of 2 or organizations of 10,000.
  • Individuals update their profile, contacts and settings through the Dashboard.
  • The Dashboard Map shows locactions and status of everyone in your organization.
  • Activity Log shows messages and actions from everyone in your organization or group.
  • Easily add members to your organization with a simple email invitation; once they accept the invitation and create an account, you'll see them on your map.
  • Create groups of 1 -1,000 and adjust settings for that group.
  • Set Geofence boundaries for those groups; when someone violates the border it can trigger a notification or panic alert. 
  • Easily share panic alert data with authorities with a simple link.


Getting Started

  • It takes a couple of hours to fully understand the expansive features of Traveler Secure - take the time review the App, Dashboard and most importantly, the Support Section.
  • To help you explore and evaluate Traveler Secure, we've placed $5 credit in every account.  That's enough for one person to explore for a month; add a user for two weeks or add three for a week.  No risk to you - we're that confident.
  • Users who are not going to manage families, organizations or groups will do not need to understand everything, but do need to take the time to complete their profile and contacts. Parents need to set up the app for their children.
  • Begin by creating a single account.  Once comfortable, add additional users and create groups.
  • You need to think through your emergencies and conduct rehearsals, but please don't trigger a Panic until you've learned how to turn it off!
  • If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.  We are happy to help.

Before getting started, review the Support section, and refer to that support section as you create an account and dowload the App.
Take your time to understand the many Traveler Secure features, your life is worth it.


Ready to Learn More?

Create an Account at No Cost, Download the App, Review the Support Pages.  Be Safer.