How it works:

U.S. and International Police, Sheriff, Fire and International Aid Organizations who want to use Traveler Secure for their organization are invited to contact us.  As long as our revenue can absorb the costs of the data, we'll set their "burn rate" of their Organizational Account at $0.00.  In other words, it will be free to use. 


Organizations can use the Traveler Secure Dashboard to manage accountability and location of persons in the field, and create Groups to manage their organization with subordinate Security Managers and Group permissions such as Geofences.  Traveler Secure can be used to manage day-to-day operations, manage incidents and special events, and ensure that emergencies are responded to immediately and effectively.


After just launching Traveler Secure on the 1st of July, we can't afford to offer it to every organization...yet.  We will provide this support on a First-Come, First-Serve basis.  Those that we are not able to assist immediately will be placed in a queue and we'll help them as soon as we can.

Individual Responders & Aid Workers:

We offer Traveler Secure to individuals of these organizations a reduced rate now, reducing the cost of Traveler Secure use from .17 cents per day to .13 cents per day, or from $5 to $4 per month, per organizational user.  To qualify, we must have an authorized representative of the parent organization contact us.  That representative will forward the email addresses of members who desire a discount.  This process will allow us to verify requests while protecting the personal information of those responders.

The Future:

We are developing concepts for agencies to allow their citizens to join their organizations, providing authorities the critical information necessary to effectively respond to any event.  We also aspire to make Traveler Secure free for all members of these organizations, though that may take some time!


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