How Team Secure services work with Traveler Secure:

We are not a global conglomerate with thousands of employees worldwide.  We are an expansive network of companies, individuals and organizations that are collectively capable of anything.  Importantly, out network provides services that are local wherever you are, compliant with the rule of law and integrated into local authorities. Coordinated by Nations Secure, a Texas-based LLC.  Contact us with your questions or for more information.

Free emergency response.

Available to any Traveler Secure user, simply add our dedicated response email address to your emergency contacts.  We will take a look at your situation, make contact with those listed in your contacts list, and advise them on how to best proceed.

Dedicated Traveler Secure monitoring.

For those that want a local security team to monitor their location and status, and locally respond to your safety or security incident, we will place you in contact with the local member of Team Secure.  Your costs vary depending upon the location and what services you want, and you negotiate those services directly with the provider.

Protection services.

We work with licensed security professionals around the world.  They are locally licensed and can provide close protection, escort, executive protection, advance teams, and counter-surveillance services.  These professionals can work seemlessly with your current security provider.

Consulting services.

Is your security or risk management program lacking?  Don't feel badly, many organizations don't have the budget or the expertise to integrate their existing policies into common-sense risk and crisis management plans.  Let our experts show you how to build upon Traveler Secure to reduce your risk and increase your employees' survivability.

Law enforcement and legal outreach.

When you or your organization has a problem overseas, you will often need to coordinate with local law enforcement or other authorities.  Our local experts can represent your best interests, immediately.

International Investigations.

From due-diligence and background checks to missing persons and kidnapping cases, our professionals have a world of experience.  The difference is local, and the locals work with Team Secure.


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