What is Student Secure?

Student Secure is a program offered by Nations Secure, providing the Traveler Secure safety and security app system to U.S. and international schools at no cost.  It provides accountability while posturing individuals and organizations for an effective response to any safety or security incident.  

What does it do?

Traveler Secure connects organizations (Dashboard) to users (App) to create accountability of users while posturing both users and organizations to quickly understand that a safety or security incident has occurred and ensures that the right information can be shared with the right authority, immediately.  

How does it work?

A school district can create an single organization, though multiple organizations are possible.  An admin would send invitations to any parent interested in participating, and those parents would then guide the student through account, profile, and contacts setup.  At that point they appear within the organization.  Multiple “groups” are then created by division, school, jurisdiction or other criteria and student would be assigned to that group.  Security Managers are then assigned from within that group, understanding that any security manager can view all users on their dashboard (to include on a smartphone), have access to user information, set geofences and control notifications.  

What about working with authorities?

Authorities may be listed as an admin giving them complete access throughout the organization, or as a security manager, giving them access and control to a specific group.  When a Panic is activated, by either the student user or remotely by the security manager, that data can be downloaded into a “zip” file from the user page, then easily shared with another in addition to the technical data residing within the zip file.  Additionally, the parent or student user can define an emergency contact who will receive the zip file by email along with the LEO tool to view the user page.

What about student privacy?

All data and account information are stored on two separate, highly-encrypted, Google servers.  The parent of the student decides whether or not to participate and how much, if any, information resides within the student user’s profile and contacts information.  Tracking can be turned on and off through the user’s account page, allowing students or parents to turn tracking on or off during school hours.  

How do I learn more or get started?

Contact Team Secure for more information or to answer your questions.  Let's get them all home safe.