Account FAQs

  • Click on the "Create Account" button or Dashboard Login page from the Traveler Secure homepage or, if receiving an invitation to Join an Organization, click the link you receive in your email.
  • The first item that you'll see is the End User License Agreement (EULA), also known as "Terms and Conditions."  There is also a link at the bottom of every web page, and you can view it here.  There is the standard legalese, but we've tried to make it useful and understandable.
  • Enter your name, email address and phone number and submit on the next screen you see.  
  • You'll receive an email confirmation at the address you submitted, click the link in the email.
  • Create a standard password in the next link you've been provided and submit.
  • You now have an account!
  • You can use that login and password to logon to your Dashboard or App.
  • All costs are associated with an Organization.  That Organization may be the one that was created when your account was created (Your Name Security Dashboard), or it may be an Organization that you were invited to join.
  • For each user member you add to your Organization, your account is depleted at the rate of .17 cents (.166) per user, per day.  That equates to $5 per user, per month.  For example, if you have 10 users in your organization, your costs would be $50 per month.
  • For your Organization, you are responsible for the funding though you can change the billing contact to another named Administrator in your organization.
  • Once your organization is within 6x days of running out of funds, you will receive a reminder to add more funds.  The amount you add is up to you as we never auto-charge your account.
  • To fund your account, you may either follow the link from a notification or you may add funds through your Organization Settings page, which is further described in Support.
  • Discounts are available to Enterprise organizations, typically discounted at $1 per user, per month (from $5 to $4).  Organizations may also coordinate alternate billing methods by contacting us.
  • With your Organization/Dashboard, you begin with $5.00 credit, and are not asked to provide credit card information. At the attrition rate of .17 cents per user per day, that $5.00 will provide evaluation time of 1x user for 30 days, 2x users for 15 days or 4x users for 7.5 days.
  • If you are invited to another Organization, you need never worry about funding your account.  As long as you are a member of another's Organization your account will remain active.  After your $5 credit runs out, however, you will only have access to your Profile and Contacts without being able to view your Dashboard.

In most cases, no.  From your single account, you can join multiple organizations.  For example, you've created your account to manage your family's safety and security, and are subsequently invited to join your employer's Traveler Secure Organization.  You need simply click on the invitation link and login as you normally would.

  • Now that you've created an account, you have created a Dashboard that goes with that account, along with a number of tools to manage it.  You'll learn more in the following Support sections.
  • You can easily add others to join your Dashboard Oraganization by going to your organization settings and "inviting" someone by sending a simple email.
  • Once they receive the email and create an account, they will appear on your Dashboard, allowing you to view their current and historical locations along with their profile, contacts and groups.  You can also send a message, trigger a Panic Alert on their device and more that you'll learn about in other sections.

Yes, every Traveler Secure user who downloads the app must have a unique account.  For your children, and as identified in the End User Licensing Agreement, you will want to supervise the installation and set up for anyone under 18 years of age.

Your privacy is very important to us and we protect it using the some of the best technology available guided by some of the country's best cyber security experts.  That said, we give you a lot of control over your privacy.

  • Without giving too much away, our system uses a parallel server configuration.  Your personal and account information is encrypted between you and one of our servers and your location and messaging information is encrypted between you and another of your servers.  The connection between those servers is further encrypted, further protected by our server host's (Google) security measures.  We're very secure.
  • Every user controls how much or how little information they place in their profile, their updates, or their communication.  Team Secure strongly recommends that all information is as complete and detailed as possible as this is the information authorities will need to resolve a serious incident, but the control is placed in hands of the user.
  • Users may also "turn off" active tracking of their location in their Account Settings within their Profile section in their Dashboard.
  • One of the primary privacy items that every user should consider is the designation of Organization Adminsitrators and Group Security Managers.  Any of which will have access to the personal profiles, locations, contacts, messages and associated groups.  This access is intended and necessary to effectively respond to safety and security incidents, but care should be taken to limit access to trusted professionals.
  1.  Login to your Dashboard so that you can begin to familiarize yourself with it.
  2.  Download the Android or Apple version of Traveler Secure on your smartphone.
  3.  With both items open, use the appropriate Support sections to become familiar with Traveler Secure.

To-date, the only troubleshooting item we've encountered is one where a user attempts to create an account through a smartphone or pad using secure VPN connections.  This essentially encrypts our encryption and prevents communication between the device and our servers.  If you experience this problem, please check your connection settings.  If you experience another problem, please use our Contact Form and tell us about it.

Profile FAQs

Every single item that is asked for is information that experience tells us is critical in the minutes, hours and days that follow an abduction or disappearance of a person, in any country.  How much information is you place within your Profile is your decision, but something happens to you, your employee, or your daughter, wouldn't you want authorities to have every opportunity to succeed?

Anyone who is an Administrator or or Group Security Manager can see the Profile of any user member.  Though you may have privacy concerns, consider that this number is much smaller than the number of Human Resources professionals who can see much of the same.  Still, it is your life and your decision.

The law-enforcement organization, embassy or other authority who receives your "Panic Data" from the Administrator or other emergency contact can also see that information after receiving it.  They are the ones who need it.

Yes.  Your Profile and Contacts should be completed with appropriate detail.  Beyond that, you need only understand how to use your Status Check-In and Enable Panic features on your Traveler Secure App.

Click the "Tracking Tab" under your user profile > account section and that Organization can no longer see your location until you turn it back on.

Available for any Organization you are not an Administrator of, a user can quit any Organization at any time.  Click the "x" next to the Organization name in your Profile > Account settings.  Once quit, that Organization has no/no access to any of your details. Ever.

Contacts FAQs

  • Your App will work just fine, and your Organization Administrator or Security Manage will still be notified of a Panic and be able to respond.
  • Your Direct Call feature will not be activated when you enable a Panic Alert.
  • Authorities will have less information to work with when attempting to successfully resolve your safety or security incident.


As the Emergency Contact will receive an email notification of your emergency along with an attached zip file with your Panic Data and instructions on how to share it with authorities, there are generally two types of people who should be considered.  

  1.  Spouse, parent, family member, or friend that you want to be notified of an emergency.
  2.  Anyone else who you believe would be instrumental in the immediate response to your situation.

Keep in mind that you can list anyone as a non-emergency contact; your Organization Administrator or the authorities can still contact them - this is especially important if you are a single user and not relying on an Administrator.

  1. You should discuss Traveler Secure with any named Contact.  Let them know how it works, what they could expect to see, and what they should do once notified.  
  2. Include Contacts in your rehearsal plans, and rehearse your Panic Alert.  Any practice or rehearsal should be either directed by your Adminstrator or carefully pre-coordinated by you.
  3. If using 911, or similar State Emergency number, do not/not have them set as your Direct Call contact during a rehearsal.  Use another number and then reset it after practice.
  4. You can set authorities as an Emergency Contact, and they will receive your notification by email along with instructions on what to do with it, but there are limitations.  Until such time as the authorities are familiar with Traveler Secure, they may not understand the notification, or they may not trust it. 

If you've reviewed all of the numbered items at right and still have questions, use our Contact form and let us know your question, we'll be happy to help!

Organization FAQs

An Organization is the foundation of the Traveler Secure system, and is represented by a Dashboard.  This is very important to understand.

  • An Organization is created when you created an account, as is the Dashboard where your Profile and Contacts are located.
  • You need not worry about how to manage the Organization, or use your Dashboard, if you only intend to be a part of another's Organization, such as a family or employer Organization.
  • Even if you belong to another Organization, you may decide to add others to yours at any time, just read the Support sections for instructions.

Only Organization Administrators need to know how to manage an Organization.  Those that are invited member users need not worry about it at all.

An Administrator is someone with full Organization priviliges, to include adding or deleting user members, assigning other Administrators, creating Groups or assigning individuals to those Groups.

  • The first Administrator, and Billing Contact, is the person who created the Organization.  
  • The first Administrator is typically a parent or operations manager for an organization.
  • The Administrator or Billing Contact can be changed at any time by an Administrator, to include removing the original Administrator.
  • Any member of the Organization can be assigned the Administrative role, and there is no limitations on how many Administrators can be assigned.
  • Only another Administrator can be assigned as the Billing Contact, who would then be notified when the Organization Fund is running low.
  • WARNING:  Do not assign anyone Administrative duties who is not of good character and trustworthy, and do not assign more Administrators than you need as an Administrator has complete access to all user member's personal information and location.
  • Traveler Secure is paid by the Billing Contact assigned to the Organization.  
  • The Organization begins with a "fund" of $5, and will add money to the Organization Fund when the $5 depletes - the Billing Contact will be notified of low funds when the Organization is within 6x days of running out of money.
  • Funding transactions are securely processed through our Bank of America merchant account.
  • The Organization Fund is depleted at the "burn" rate of .17 cents per day, per member user.  If you have 100 member users in your Organization, your fund will deplete at the rate of $17.00 per day.  
  • Daily rates for Traveler Secure may change.  We do offer a volume discounts for Enterprise Organizations, and our Certified Team Secure Partners may charge additional rates for services such as 24-hour monitoring or emergency response.
  • Contact Team Secure if you have any questions!

To be further explained in the Organization Settings Support section, you can edit your Organization by selecting the "Edit Organization" option in the Organization Select menu on the top of the Dashboard, or you can get to the same Organizational edit options through your Profile Accounts section.

Limited to Administrators only:

  • Select "edit organization" from the "organization select" option at the top of the dashbard map. 
  • Click the yellow "Invite User" button.
  • Enter the email address of the individual you would like to invite.
  • In the email they receive, they will receive a link to create their account.
  • Once they do so, they will appear on your dashboard map and in your organization.


As few as one and as many as 20,000.  There are not any real technical challenges to adding even more.

Yes, you may be invited to, and be added to, any number of Organizations using your single account login information.  See Profile Settings for more information about managing your privacy when a member of multiple Organizations.

Dashboard FAQs

If you do not manage the safety and security of others, you only need to know how to access your Profile and Contacts pages by clicking those buttons. You do not need to know how to do anything else.

Only an Adminstrator of an Organization can see the members of that Organization, or adjust any settings within that Organization.  Members who are not Administrators will be able to see themselves only on that Organization, but can toggle between an Organization they are a member of and their own Dashboard.

Yes.  By holding down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard, you can select multiple members to send a message to, enable a Group Panic, or add or remove from a Group.  You can also click "select all" after clicking the members icon on your slider menu.  In the event that one of the users is not signed in to their app when you take an action, that action will not occur, or the message will not be received, until the user signs in again.

Yes, every page is "mobile-friendly," though the "right-click" menu options are not available on most smartphones.  This primarily means that you cannot create a Group or send messages to multiple member users.  Other options, such as enabling a Panic or sending a message are easily done through the User Profile Page, which will be addressed in a future Support section.

In general, we have not experienced many situations that require troubleshooting.  If, however, you are an Organizational Administrator and you are having trouble with anyting at all, please contact us and we'll work with you to sort it out.  

Security Manager (Groups) FAQs

A "Group" is the feature tool to specifically manage the accountability, safety and security of organization members.  It is recommended that every member of an organization is placed within a group. Group features include:

  • Identifying a Security Manager, or multiple security managers for that group, each of whom can edit group settings, send messages, remotely activate a Panic or "see" everyone in that group on their dashboard.
  • Configure notification settings, controlling how and when a security manager is notified.
  • Configure the Geofence and control what happens when that geofence is violated.

Organizations are great for accountability, but not appropriate for managing safety and security.  As a father, you want to have different rules for your 3-year-old than you do your 17-year-old, or your wife.  A corporation may want regions, or other divisions separated, all under the management of different people, with different rules. Groups provide customized security tools for everyone.

To create a group, simply right-click on any user icon on either the dashboard map or the member listing on the slider menu and select "create new group."  You will be prompted to name the group and then hit save. 

Once done, the group becomes a drop-down option on the slider menu where you typically see "everyone." 

Once the group is selected, you will see the "gear" icon on the right of the slider menu, which you will click to edit that group.

The possibilities are endless, but a few examples of who might use a Group include:

  • A Police Department creating a Group for a Special Event.
  • A Delivery business managing driver locations.
  • A parent, or the child of an Alzheimers victim.  Enough said.
  • A VIP Protection Detail.
  • A Missionary or Aid Organization.
  • Tourists.
  • We could go on like this for a long time.  The point is that if you want customized accountability and response options, you want Traveler Secure and you want to create Groups.
  • The Administrator who created the Group is the first Security Manager, but he or she does not need to remain in the Group after they assign a Security Manager.  The Administrator can still "see" and manage the primary Group that was created, even if they're no longer in that Group.
  • Only an Administrator can add new Organization user members to a Group.
  • A Security Manager can only "see" or manage the Group they are the Security Manager of, though they do fully control the features of that Group, and they can create sub-Groups and assign Security Managers for those Groups.

Geofences create a geographic boundary around a neighborhood, area, city or country.  They allow for a notification to a Security Manager or Administrator when someone has gone outside of that boundary.  With Traveler Secure, unlike any other system out there, a violation can trigger a notification only, or enable a Panic activiation of any user member's device. 

Geofences work for both accountability of persons, and to let someone know when there is a problem - especially when the subject of abductions is addressed.

A Group can be as small as one, such as a security detail leader creating rules for their Principal or a father setting different rules for two different children, or a Group can be as many as 5,000.  Traveler Secure conforms to you, not the other way around.

As many as you like, but do so delilberately and definitely "re-use" Groups by adding and removing people as you cannot delete them once created (we're thinking about that item for future updates).  

You've learned about the basics; the app and some of the Dashboard parts, now you need to learn about the User Profile Pages and serious incidents.  Then, you can practice.  Please let us know if you have any problems or questions.

  1. Use the slider menu to select the group you want to delete.
  2. Click the "select all" option above the members list.
  3. Right click any user and select "remove from group."
  4. Your slider menu will default to "everyone" and the deleted group will no longer be an option on the group select option on the slider menu.

User Page FAQs

There are two ways to get here:

  • Click on the member user's name at the top of the right-click menu on the user's Dashboard Icon.
  • Click on the member user's name on the member's drop down list (3) after clicking the Members Icon.
  • This page can be accessed by an Organization Administrator or Group Security Manager to which the member user has been assigned.  
  • It may also be viewed by an Emergency Contact that the member user created in their contacts or an authority that the Emergency Contact, Administrator or Security Manager has sent the User Data to, accessible through the Law Enforcement (LEO) Tool.
  • All of the above need to be able to view a member user's Profile, History and Conacts to quickly and effectively respond to a safety or security incident.

No, you don't, other than understanding how others' can see your personal information.

  • Viewing a member user's location, activity or messaging history.
  • Sending a message to the user through the App.
  • Disabling (de-activating) or Enabling (triggering) a Panic Alert.
  • Managing safety and security incidents.

Managing Incidents FAQs

From the User Page, the Security Manager uses the download tool to create a zip file of the recent data. That data can then be attached to an email to any authority or professional with the Law Enforcement Tool link provided.  That recipient will then be able to upload the User Page, with all current information, and will have additional technical data embedded in the zip file.

You may also create an emergency contact in your contacts section.  When you do so, and upon a Panic Alert, that same zip  file with the LEO tool will be sent to whomever you designate.

The link for the LEO tool is

  • The amount of detail the user member places in their Profile and Contacts sections.
  • Speedy response, by all involved, as time is not our friend here.
  • Pre-coordination with those contacts.
  • Frequent and detailed status updates.
  • A knowledgeable Administrator or Security Manager.
  • Rehearsal with all involved parties.

With the accountability, detail and information that Traveler Secure provides, there is no situation and no event that can be resolved more effectively without it.  The possible scenarios are endless, but to name a few:

  • Missing Persons.
  • Mass Casualty Events (think Paris).
  • Medical emergencies.
  • Kidnappings.
  • Assaults.
  • Criminal Investigations.
  • Remains Recovery.

Yes, we can, virtually anywhere in the world.  With extensive experience with the worst kind of incidents, in some of the world's most challenging environments, our network of professsionals can assist with most any incident.  Contact Team Secure for more information.

Not getting into trouble in the first place.  No App can replace diligence and common sense in keeping someone out of trouble and Team Secure can help you with that as well.  Beginning in April 2018, we will begin publishing safety and security tips in our media pages and monthly newsletter.  Our mission is security, mercy and justice, and that includes yours.  


If you have any questions at all please Contact Team Secure.

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