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If you have any questions at all please Contact Team Secure.

Right here, through the iTunes App Store or Google Play store, or through he footer menu of any page.

This features performs two important functions; informing others of your current situation and communication.  

Checking In.  Informing someone of your status, to include current location, activity, who you are with, and other information helps others know your status and holds others accountable.  Though it seems like a simple idea, think of any crime report on your local news and consider how the outcome might have improved using this simple tool.  As a rule, the less certain your situation, the more frequently you should check-in!

  • Add your information in the text box (5) below the map.
  • Click the "Update my Status" button (6) to submit your message to your Security Manager.
  • Your current location is visible on the map features, as are recent locations.
  • Don't be afraid to let the taxi driver, new acquaintance, or other person know that you have sent their details to another.  Persons with bad intent will frequently go on to an easier target if they know that they are accountable.

Communication.  By using the text box, you are sending a message to your Organization Administrator.  Equally, your Organization Administrator can send a message to you, whether it be information, direction, or even a simple "Check-In now" instruction. 

Activating a Panic is easy, but please/please don't do so before you know how to turn it off!  To activate your Panic Alert, slide the Traveler Secure icon (2) from the left to the right, and hold it for ONE second.  After you do so, a lot of things happen:

  • Your smartphone device will black out.  This prevents an assailant from knowing that your Panic has been activated.
  • Your device will place a phone call to your "Direct Contact" while in blackout with the audio turned off so that assailants cannot hear someone on the other end of the phone.  Apple users, unfortunately, will see a "Place Call" option which is an Apple policy.
  • Your device will begin recording audio files and alternating front/back photo files and send that information.
  • Your location data will be captured with increased frequency until your Panic is Disabled.
  • Technical data, such as bluetooth, cell tower and other information will also be captured and sent.
  • Your Organization Administrators and/or other designated Emergency Contacts will be notified that your Panic has been enabled.  
  • Your Organization Administrator or Group Security Manager can easily share your "Panic Data" with authorities, capturing the data on the User Profile Page and the Law Enforcement Organization (LEO) page. Other emergency contacts will receive the same data with instructions on how to share it in an email.
  • NOTE:  Your Panic can only be disabled on your User Profile Page on any Dashboard that you are a member of.  See more in this Support section.

Yes, you can turn tracking off through your account settings.  Click on your Dashboard, then go to Profile and expand account to turn tracking off.  If you are a member of an organization, the Administrators will be notified that you have turned your tracking off, and your Dashboard icon will change to a yellow border.

You may logout of the App by clicking the logout button (7) on the App home page.

Yes, you may login to the Traveler Secure App from any number of devices.  In most cases, you will appear on the Organization Dashboard with the most recent device that you used.  If there are any questions about which device you are signed in to, you can select the right device from your Account settings in your Profile.

To-date, users have not reported too many problems, but there have been a couple.

  • If your Traveler Secure App fails to load after logging in, you will see a spinning circle.  This indicates that the App is not connecting to our server.  The causes of this can be using a secure VPN, which essentially encrypts our encryption.  The other reason for connectivity problems is your device privacy, location settings or cookies being turned off.  Please review these settings.
  • Some individual users have enagled their "Panic Alert" before understanding how to turn it off, and then deleted and reinstalled their Traveler Secure App.  Don't do that.  Each time you install Traveler Secure, your device creates a new Unique User Identification (UUID), regardless of your account login.  In other words, the only way to turn off your old Panic is contact Team Secure for assistance.
  • If there is any other problem, contact us through out contact page. 



This is the name of the person who is logged in to Traveler Secure.

This icon serves as a Panic Activation Button by sliding from the left to the right and holding for 1x second.

This feature serves to remind you to complete your profile; your life may depend on your details!

Required by Apple, this map typically shows where you are with a "bouncing" icon, and shows where you have been.

Your message to your Security Manager tells them what you are doing, where you are doing it, and other critical information that changes what your safey and security status is and holds others acccountable.  Add the name of your date, the number of your taxi, or other information that will help first-responders find you!

Click this button after updating your status to submit it.

Traveler Secure will run in the background UNLESS you log out of the Traveler Secure App.  NEVER delete Traveler Secure unless you're not going to use it again as it will show your device as a "new" device.  We recommend turning off your tracking for an organization in your Profile>Account>Settings when you don't want someone to see where you're at!

This button doesn't do anything, but Apple made us put in there!

Click this button to toggle to your Traveler Secure Dashboard with access to your Dashboard Map (if authorized in your organization), User Profile and Account Settings, and User Contacts.

Click this link from the App footer menu to go to a "mobile-friendly" support page at  This page is not on "inside" the App.