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  • Your App will work just fine, and your Organization Administrator or Security Manage will still be notified of a Panic and be able to respond.
  • Your Direct Call feature will not be activated when you enable a Panic Alert.
  • Authorities will have less information to work with when attempting to successfully resolve your safety or security incident.


As the Emergency Contact will receive an email notification of your emergency along with an attached zip file with your Panic Data and instructions on how to share it with authorities, there are generally two types of people who should be considered.  

  1.  Spouse, parent, family member, or friend that you want to be notified of an emergency.
  2.  Anyone else who you believe would be instrumental in the immediate response to your situation.

Keep in mind that you can list anyone as a non-emergency contact; your Organization Administrator or the authorities can still contact them - this is especially important if you are a single user and not relying on an Administrator.

  1. You should discuss Traveler Secure with any named Contact.  Let them know how it works, what they could expect to see, and what they should do once notified.  
  2. Include Contacts in your rehearsal plans, and rehearse your Panic Alert.  Any practice or rehearsal should be either directed by your Adminstrator or carefully pre-coordinated by you.
  3. If using 911, or similar State Emergency number, do not/not have them set as your Direct Call contact during a rehearsal.  Use another number and then reset it after practice.
  4. You can set authorities as an Emergency Contact, and they will receive your notification by email along with instructions on what to do with it, but there are limitations.  Until such time as the authorities are familiar with Traveler Secure, they may not understand the notification, or they may not trust it. 

If you've reviewed all of the numbered items at right and still have questions, use our Contact form and let us know your question, we'll be happy to help!

This Contacts Button, along with the Profile and Contacts buttons, is visible on most pages within your Dashboard.  This is how you got to your Contacts page.

The date of the last time you updated your Contacts, or "Never" will be visible here.

This meter shows displays your level of completeness, you're going for Green!

This expandable section will display all of the Contacts you have added.  You can s4

After creating a contact that you check as an "Emergency Contact" (see 14), they will be shown here in red.  An Emergency Contact is someone who, in addition to your Organization Administrator, will be notified by email in the event of a Panic Alert.  

A Direct Contact is the number that your smartphone device will discreetly call when you enable your Panic Alert.  

In both cases, make sure you pre-coordinate with those individuals who are listed as contacts so that they know what to do when contacted.

This item shows someone who not an Emergency or Direct Call contact.  These contacts are useful to assist responders in quickly learning about you, your whereabouts, or other information.  See item 14 for more detail.

When you click on this button, you will be re-directed to the Add Contact page (items 9-11), where you can select the type of contact that you want to create.   

Clicking this option will allow you to change an existing Direct Call contact from an existing Direct Call contact.  If no Direct Call contact exists, this option will not be available.

When adding a Contact, you have two options; Add from your Organization or Create new Contact.  If you select this option, you will see a list of all Organization members.

If you select this option, as most users do, you will be directed to the New Contact page (11-16).  You can always edit any contact, to include changing their categories by clicking the edit pencil to the right of their name.

This option will take you to the same place as item 8, allowing you to select a Direct Call contact from your existing contacts.  If no contacts are created, you will not have this option.  As a reminder, the Direct Call is the number that your device will discreetly contact when your Panic Alert is enabled by you.  

Enter your contact's first and last name here.

Use their best email and enter phone most phone numbers with the country code, area code and number without any spaces.  In the U.S., it would appear as +18175551212

When setting or editing your Direct Call number, enter the number exactly as you would when phoning them directly in your country.

Select one, any or all types that apply to this contact, helping an investigator know who is appropriate to the situation. ONLY the Emergency Contact will actually receive notification in the event of a safety or security incident.  Categories are:

  • Emergency.
  • Other.
  • Financial
  • Medical
  • Next of Kin
  • Employer
  • Family / Close Friend

Don't forget to save your Contact!

In addtion to editing the Contact, you can delete them here.