As the detail required to show you the details of Profile, Contacts, Groups and User Pages would be too much for one page, this section is an introduction overview only.  Each of those sections are explained in subsequent sections.
Please do review those sections, and if you still have questions please Contact Team Secure.

Your Dashboard shows your Organization, and was created when you created an account, and does a number of things.

  • It allows you to access your Profile and Contact sections associated with your Traveler Secure App.
  • It allows you to see the location and status of anyone who is a member of your organization.
  • It allows you to toggle between different Organizatons or edit that Organization.
  • It gives you further access to User Profile Pages and the information contained there.
  • It allows you to quickly create a Group, add members to that Group, send a message or enable a Panic through the right-click menu activated when you right-click a member icon.

If you do not manage the safety and security of others, you only need to know how to access your Profile and Contacts pages by clicking those buttons (items 1 & 2).  You do not need to know how to do anything else.

Only an Adminstrator of an Organization can see the members of that Organization, or adjust any settings within that Organization.  Members who are not Administrators will be able to see themselves only on that Organization, but can toggle between an Organization they are a member of and their own Dashboard.

You can easily do that in the Organization Settings, to be further explained in that Support section.

As few as one and as many 20,000.  There are not any realy technical challenges to adding even more.

Yes.  By holding down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard, you can select multiple members to send a message to, enable a Group Panic, or add or remove from a Group.  Note that you are limited by the status of the members you select; if one of them is signed out or has their tracking turned off, you will not be able to send that Group a message.

To be further explained in the Organization Settings Support section, you can edit your Organization by selecting the "Edit Organization" option in the Organization Select menu (4) on the top of the Dashboard, or you can get to the same Organizational edit options through your Profile Accounts section.

Further explained in the Group Settings support page, a Group functions much like an Organization, but provides additional features for the Organization Administrator.

  • To create a Group, "right-click" any member on the Organization Dashboard and select "Create Group."
  • I dialogue box will appear allowing you to name that Group. 
  • Once that Group is created, there will be a "settings gear" icon on the far right of the Slider Menu.
  • Please see the Group Settings support page for additional information.

Yes, every page is "mobile-friendly," though the "right-click" menu options are not available on most smartphones.  This primarily means that you cannot create a Group or send messages to multiple member users.  Other options, such as enabling a Panic or sending a message are easily done through the User Profile Page, which will be addressed in a future Support section.

In general, we have not experienced many situations that require troubleshooting.  If, however, you are an Organizational Administrator and you are having trouble with anyting at all, please contact us and we'll work with you to sort it out.  

It is very important that you go to the following Support pages of Profile Settings, Organizational Settings, Group Settings and Incident Management.  They are all components of the Dashboard.


Click this button to access your profile and account settings, or to log out of your Dashboard.

Click this button to access your Contacts page.

Click this button to return to your main Dashboard from any sub-page.

Use this tool to select an Organization you are an Administrator of, or Edit that Organization. 

Click this icon to go back to

When closed, click the circle with the 3x lines to open the Slider Menu.  When open, click the X to close the Slider Menu.

When your Organization has a Group, or number of Groups, you can select that Group from this drop-down.  The default position, which you can go back to, is "Everyone."

Clicking this button will allow you to see all of the members who are members of "Everyone" or a Sub-Group.

A member who is not in panic and effectively signed in to their Traveler Secure App will appear with a black outside border.

Right-clicking a member icon will provide you a number of options.  

Right-clicking a member who is signed in to their App (Black Border) will allow you to:

  • Send a Message.
  • Enable their Panic Alert.
  • Create a New Group to add them to.
  • Add them to an existing Group.
  • Remove from an existing Group, when that member is assigned to a Group.

Right-clicking a member who is not/not signed in to their Traveler Secure App limits your options.

  • You can not send them a message or remotely enable their Panic Alert as there device is not communicating with the server.
  • You can add them to, or remove them from an existing Group.

When a member has enabled (triggered) their Panic Alert, or an Administrator or Security Manager had done so, their icon will appear with a red border.

When a member has either signed out of their Traveler Secure App or turned off their active tracking for your organization in their Account Settings, they will appear with a yellow border around their icon.

As standard in Google Maps, this button allows you to change between a standard and satellite mapview.

This option allows users to zoom in or out.  

The Dashboard map will refresh once per minute, to include resizing to whatever size best shows all Organization members.  This feature is provided for those who need to refresh more quickly in an evolving situation.

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