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Organizations are great for accountability, but not appropriate for managing safety and security.  As a father, you want to have different rules for your 3-year-old than you do your 17-year-old, or your wife.  A corporation may want regions, or other divisions separated, all under the management of different people, with different rules. Groups provide customized security tools for everyone.

The possibilities are endless, but a few examples of who might use a Group include:

  • A Police Department creating a Group for a Special Event.
  • A Delivery business managing driver locations.
  • A parent, or the child of an Alzheimers victim.  Enough said.
  • A VIP Protection Detail.
  • A Missionary or Aid Organization.
  • Tourists.
  • We could go on like this for a long time.  The point is that if you want customized accountability and response options, you want Traveler Secure and you want to create Groups.
  • The Administrator who created the Group is the first Security Manager, but he or she does not need to remain in the Group after they assign a Security Manager.  The Administrator can still "see" and manage the primary Group that was created, even if they're no longer in that Group.
  • Only an Administrator can add new Organization user members to a Group.
  • A Security Manager can only "see" or manage the Group they are the Security Manager of, though they do fully control the features of that Group, and they can create sub-Groups and assign Security Managers for those Groups.

Geofences create a geographic boundary around a neighborhood, area, city or country.  They allow for a notification to a Security Manager or Administrator when someone has gone outside of that boundary.  With Traveler Secure, unlike any other system out there, a violation can trigger a notification only, or enable a Panic activiation of any user member's device. 

Geofences work for both accountability of persons, and to let someone know when there is a problem - especially when the subject of abductions is addressed.

A Group can be as small as one, such as a security detail leader creating rules for their Principal or a father setting different rules for two different children, or a Group can be as many as 5,000.  Traveler Secure conforms to you, not the other way around.

As many as you like, but do so delilberately and definitely "re-use" Groups by adding and removing people as you cannot delete them once created (we're thinking about that item for future updates).  

You've learned about the basics; the app and some of the Dashboard parts, now you need to learn about the User Profile Pages and serious incidents.  Then, you can practice.  Please let us know if you have any problems or questions.

From the Dashboard of an Organization or other Dashboard, "right-click" the user member to show the right-click menu.  Select the "Create a Group" option, which will bring you to the Group Settings page.

Select this option when you want to add someone to a Group that already exists.  I drop-down menu will appear that will allow you to select the Group; click "Add."

When a Group is created, it will appear in the Group select drop-down menu on the Slider Menu.  Once selected, the Dashboard will show you only that Group.

Once you have selected a Group, the "gear" will appear on the right of the Slider Menu.  Click that, to bring you to the Group Settings Page to edit that Group.

This button, available on many pages, will return you to the previous page.

The name of the Organization the Group is associated with will appear in the top-right corner.

The name of the Group will appear here.  Yes, you can change the name!

This feature allows the creating Administrator or assigned Group Security Manager the abilty change who the Group is subordinate to.

Select whether the Security Managers are emailed or alerted through their Dashboard and App if a user member triggers a Panic Alert.

Click the box to turn the geofence on or off.  When off, you will not see the Geofence tool.

Check this box if you want a Geofence violation to trigger an email to you.

Select this option if you want a geofence violation to trigger a Panic for the user member who has violated the geofence.

You can clear an existing geofence boundary or reset the one you are trying to create, allowing you to try it again.

You have four options in creating your geofence:

  1. Map moving tool (hand)
  2. Circular Drawing Tool
  3. Free Form Drawing Tool
  4. Square Drawing Tool

With a little practice, it's easier than you think.

This is what it looks like!  Once drawn, any user member within that Group will trigger the resonse you selected.

Zoom the map in or out.

Select between standard and satellite views of the map.

Just as with selecting an Administrator for an Organization, you may select any member of the Group to be a Security Manager.  The Security Manager has all of the permissions of the Organization Administrator with the exception of the abiltity to invite members or pay bills. 

Every user member of the Group will be shown here.

As always, save your work!