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From the User Page, the Security Manager uses the download tool to create a zip file of the recent data. That data can then be attached to an email to any authority or professional with the Law Enforcement Tool link provided.  That recipient will then be able to upload the User Page, with all current information, and will have additional technical data embedded in the zip file.

You may also create an emergency contact in your contacts section.  When you do so, and upon a Panic Alert, that same zip  file with the LEO tool will be sent to whomever you designate.

The link for the LEO tool is

  • The amount of detail the user member places in their Profile and Contacts sections.
  • Speedy response, by all involved, as time is not our friend here.
  • Pre-coordination with those contacts.
  • Frequent and detailed status updates.
  • A knowledgeable Administrator or Security Manager.
  • Rehearsal with all involved parties.

With the accountability, detail and information that Traveler Secure provides, there is no situation and no event that can be resolved more effectively without it.  The possible scenarios are endless, but to name a few:

  • Missing Persons.
  • Mass Casualty Events (think Paris).
  • Medical emergencies.
  • Kidnappings.
  • Assaults.
  • Criminal Investigations.
  • Remains Recovery.

Yes, we can, virtually anywhere in the world.  With extensive experience with the worst kind of incidents, in some of the world's most challenging environments, our network of professsionals can assist with most any incident.  Contact Team Secure for more information.

Not getting into trouble in the first place.  No App can replace diligence and common sense in keeping someone out of trouble and Team Secure can help you with that as well.  Beginning in April 2018, we will begin publishing safety and security tips in our media pages and monthly newsletter.  Our mission is security, mercy and justice, and that includes yours.  

When a member user has a Panic Alert enabled, regardless if they triggered it or it was triggered by an Administrator or Security Manager, the icon will turn red.

When viewed from the member list from the Slider Menu, a member user with a Panic Alert enabled will be light red (okay, pink), and a red "bell" will appear next to their name.

When a Panic is enabled, this banner will appear on the Organization or Group Dashboard as well as the User Page, viewable only to the Administrator or Security Manager.

When enabled, that same red bell will appear on the left of the App Report line that reported the Panic Alert.  The line will also be light red.

To be explained further in this support section, an Administrator or Security Manager can download the App Data for an entire period, or just the App Report that reported the Panic Alert.

This is the current tab you are viewing, though as you can tell, now that a Panic Alert has occurred, there is a lot more going on.

Once a Panic Alert has occurred, the Administrator, Security Manager or responding authority will need to review the important details of the member user.  Responding to an incident is why the Profile exists.

Similar to the Profile Tab, responders need to be able to quickly contact family that need to be notified or others who may have critical information.

This tab allows Administrators or Security Managers to see other Organizations or Groups that may also be responding to the Panic Alert.  NOTE: This section will not be available to Emergency Contacts or authorities through the LEO Tool.

An Admin or Security Manager who determines that a member user may be at risk may remote activate a Panic Alert to the user member's device here.  When a Panic has previousy been enabled, this button will allow the Administrator or Security Manager to disable (deactivate) the Panic Alert.  NOTE.  This is the ONLY place to disable a Panic Alert.

After clicking "Disable Panic" the Administrator or Security Manager will see a pop-up called the Disable Panic Message.  They have an option to check 3x options to explain the reason for deactivation; Accidental, Resolved, or Non-Security Incident.  They may also provide additional text for more detail.  Click "Send" and the system will shut down the Panic Alert by sending a message to the user App, notifiy Administrators or Security Managers, and log the message in the App Report List.

After clicking the user App Data Icon (5), most devices will display this "zip file" in the lower left corner of the screen.

After creation, the Admin or Security Manager can either "open in file location," or go to their Downloaded Files location to see that data file.

The Law Enforcement Organization (LEO) Tool can be accessed from either the footer menu of the website or through a link provided with instructions sent to any designated Emergency Contacts in the member user's contact list.  

The user's App Data File (zip) can be uploaded to the LEO Tool from any saved file location.  Once uploaded, the viewer will show the same User Page you see here, but without the Groups tab.  There is additional technical data in the file that is not shown on the User Page but is present within the data file and can be accessed by technical experts using the "Read Me" file enclosed there.