Supporting Freedom's Shield is why we exist.

Starting as "Orphan Secure" in 2009 and becoming Freedom's Shield in 2017, this organization is doing some amazing things to intelligently oppose those who traffic in human lives, especially those of children exploited in the international sex-trade.  Nations Secure and Traveler Secure were created to support that fight with 75% of earnings committed to them, but we still need your help.  We need funding, experienced personnel around the world, information on traffickers and those being trafficked, and cooperation.  Visit our site and consider how you might help provide security, mercy and justice to those that have never experienced it.

Nations Secure is looking for the best, everywhere.

Are you the best at what you do in your city or region?  If so, we may be looking for you.  Our goal is to have one or more representatives in every major city and every region in the world to coordinate services there and a network of service providers to provide services to our customers.  Persons or companies must be locally authorized or licensed to perform services. We desire English proficiency, but will make accomodations for top professionals.  Visit our site or use the contact page on this site to learn more about a world of opportunity.

Integrate Traveler Secure into your services.

We do not have a problem with security service providers using Traveler Secure to provide better services for their clients and do not view your company as competition.  Simply create an account and invite others to join your created organization or group.  Additionally, you have an opportunity to become a Trusted Affiliate.  If selected, we will refer Traveler Secure users to your company when they require the type of services you provide.  Contact us to learn more.