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If you have any further questions, please Contact Team Secure.

An Organization is the foundation of the Traveler Secure system, and is represented by a Dashboard.  This is very important to understand.

  • An Organization is created when you created an account, as is the Dashboard where your Profile and Contacts are located.
  • You need not worry about how to manage the Organization, or use your Dashboard, if you only intend to be a part of another's Organization, such as a family or employer Organization.
  • Even if you belong to another Organization, you may decide to add others to yours at any time, just read the Support sections for instructions.

Only Organization Administrators need to know how to manage an Organization.  Those that are invited member users need not worry about it at all.

An Administrator is someone with full Organization priviliges, to include adding or deleting user members, assigning other Administrators, creating Groups or assigning individuals to those Groups.

  • The first Administrator, and Billing Contact, is the person who created the Organization.  
  • The first Administrator is typically a parent or operations manager for an organization.
  • The Administrator or Billing Contact can be changed at any time by an Administrator, to include removing the original Administrator.
  • Any member of the Organization can be assigned the Administrative role, and there is no limitations on how many Administrators can be assigned.
  • Only another Administrator can be assigned as the Billing Contact, who would then be notified when the Organization Fund is running low.
  • WARNING:  Do not assign anyone Administrative duties who is not of good character and trustworthy, and do not assign more Administrators than you need as an Administrator has complete access to all user member's personal information and location.
  • Traveler Secure is paid by the Billing Contact assigned to the Organization.  
  • The Organization begins with a "fund" of $5, and will add money to the Organization Fund when the $5 depletes - the Billing Contact will be notified of low funds when the Organization is within 6x days of running out of money.
  • Funding transactions are securely processed through our Bank of America merchant account.
  • The Organization Fund is depleted at the "burn" rate of .17 cents per day, per member user.  If you have 100 member users in your Organization, your fund will deplete at the rate of $17.00 per day.  
  • Daily rates for Traveler Secure may change.  We do offer a volume discounts for Enterprise Organizations, and our Certified Team Secure Partners may charge additional rates for services such as 24-hour monitoring or emergency response.
  • Contact Team Secure if you have any questions!

Yes, you may be invited to, and be added to, any number of Organizations using your single account login information.  See Profile Settings for more information about managing your privacy when a member of multiple Organizations.

After selecting any Organization, the top line in the drop-down menu is always "Edit Organization."  This is one of the ways you can get to this Organization Settings page.  You must be designated as an Administrator to see, or select, this option.

Under Profile Account Settings, you can click the edit pencil next to the Organization/Dashboard name.  This is the second way you can get to the Organization Settings page. Just as with the "Edit Organization" option in the Organization Select Menu, you must be an Administrator to see this option, or to access the Organization Select page.

The name of your Organization is labeled here, and yes, you can change the name of your Organization.  If you select a name that has already been used, you will be provided alternatives.

Any member of an Organization can be designated as an Administrator, and all names will be present there.  Care should be taken when assigning an Administrator as they will have full Profile access and full permissions across your Organization.

You can change the Billing Contact for any Organization from a list of Organization Administrators.  This is the person who will notified that an account is running low.

Save your changes!

Click this button to go to the "Fund Account" feature.  Once there, you can use the calculator to estimate how much you need to fund by estimating the number of users against the number of days you want to fund them for.  Enterprise Organizatons, don't forget that you can talk to us about alternate invoice options.

Use this tool to see how much you have previously funded into your Organization.

This feature let's you know when you are currently scheduled to be out of funds, based upon current usage.

Click this button to add/invite member users to your organization.

All you need to invite someone to your Organization is their email address.  It does not matter if they respond to your request by logging on to existing account with a different address, or create a new account with a different email address.  They'll still appear in your Organization once they have "clicked" on your invitation.

After typing in their email address, click "invite."  Traveler Secure will take care of the rest.

The Invite tool will show you who you have previously invited.  

The Invite tool will show you who has previously been a member but has decided to opt-out or you have removed.

Every member of your Organization will be listed here.  As stated in that section, you cannot delete anyone who has been selected as an Administrator without first removing them from the Administrators list.  All other members will have a red "x" next to their name; click the "x" to remove them from your Organization.

Every member of your Organization will be listed here.  Yes, the list can be long but you can use the search tool on the Dashboard Slider Menu.

Every member who is not an Administrator has a red "x" next to their name.  Click that x to remove a member user from your Organization.

Persons who were, but are no longer a member of your Organization will be listed here.