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Every single item that is asked for is information that experience tells us is critical in the minutes, hours and days that follow an abduction or disappearance of a person, in any country.  How much information is you place within your Profile is your decision, but something happens to you, your employee, or your daughter, wouldn't you want authorities to have every opportunity to succeed?

Anyone who is an Administrator or or Group Security Manager can see the Profile of any user member.  Though you may have privacy concerns, consider that this number is much smaller than the number of Human Resources professionals who can see much of the same.  Still, it is your life and your decision.

The law-enforcement organization, embassy or other authority who receives your "Panic Data" from the Administrator or other emergency contact can also see that information after receiving it.  They are the ones who need it.

Yes.  Your Profile and Contacts should be completed with appropriate detail.  Beyond that, you need only understand how to use your Status Check-In and Enable Panic features on your Traveler Secure App.

Click the "Tracking Tab" under your user profile > account section and that Organization can no longer see your location until you turn it back on.

Available for any Organization you are not an Administrator of, a user can quit any Organization at any time.  Click the "x" next to the Organization name in your Profile > Account settings.  Once quit, that Organization has no/no access to any of your details. Ever.

You need to understand how to set your Primary device if you log in to the Traveler Secure App on multiple devices.  Click the Preference Edit Button (15) and go to Set Primary Device (16).  Any device you have signed into the App with will appear there.  Select the Device that you want to visibile to the Administrator of your Organization.

On the top right corner of your Dashboard, this is how you got to this page.

Your Profile picture; make sure it really looks like you! You can edit the picture in the Personal section of your Profile.

Meters tell you how complete your details are and are meant to encourage you to be more complete, details save lives.

Edit your current photo or add distinguishing mark photos; provide personal details about your height weight, ethnicity and hair color etc... These details are critical for investigators to find you. Help them.

Intended for responders, this includes Duress words (safe and not safe code words), Medical Information, Contact Details and Social Media Accounts.  Again, this information saves investigators critical time and may save your life.

Key to helping find is information about who you work with and what you do in your off time.  Include as much detail as you can!

We''ve expanded this section as a lot happens here.

This is where you can change your password at any time.

In addition to the option to logout when you click on the "Profile" button at the top right of your Dashboard, this is the only other location to sign out of your Dashboard.

Available to an Administrator only, click the pencil to go to the Organization Settings section.  When not an Administrator, an "x" will be visible, and allows the user to "quit" an Organization.

Best edited in the Organization Settings, these items shows an Organization Administrator if the Organization is active, allows them to fund the account or access funding records.

This feature allows the user to turn an Organization's ability to see where you're at "off."  Once turned off, an Organization cannot track your movements, but should you enable a Panic Alert, your historical location details will be visible.  Control which Organization can "see" you, or none at all.

Available for any Organization you are not an Administrator of, a user can quit any Organization at any time.  Click the "x" next to the Organization name.  Once quit, that Organization has no/no access to any of your details. Ever.

Though not used frequently, this feature allows an Administrator to create a second, or third, Organizational with Organization Dashboard.

Edit base preferences such as time zone or language (once we add your language!), and importantly, select which device is associated with your account in the event you have several.

Once you log in to the Traveler Secure App on a particular device, it will appear here.  Typically, once you log into a new device, that device becomes the one that will appear on the Dashboard, but sometimes a user will log into more than one smartphone or pad, creating confusion.  This option allows the user to select which of those devices is primary, and visible to the Organization Administrator or Security Manager.