The following is just an overview of what we can do for you.  Click below or contact us directly to learn more.

We have successfully conducted a wide range of investigations on every continent, on behalf of organizations that you know well.  Our investigators are regionally licensed, typically retired law-enforcement officers, and very discreet.  Whether you needs include counter-fraud investigations, law-enforcement outreach and coordination, or help locating a missing person, our investigators know their business.

Traveler Secure is built so that you can customize it to your needs, but if you want one of our professional providers to monitor you or your organization while traveling, just let us know.  We will put you in direct contact with one of our trusted partners who can monitor you while you travel, respond if you have an incident, or customize other solutions for you.

We understand the business of assault, theft, terrorism, extortion and fraud, but we really know kidnapping.  We can assist you or your organization in kidnapping prevention through training, but you may be interested in our free kidnapping response program.  Simply contact us and request an invitation to the Nations Secure Traveler Secure organization.  You can turn your tracking on or off, but if you trigger a Panic, we'll have it immediately and begin to coordinate a response.  We will immediately contact your emergency contacts or listed family members to coordinate an effective customized response and outline costs for that response.

You may need a vetted tour guide, close protection specialist, secure transportation, a full security detail or even a guard force for your new factory.  Our trusted affiliates are capable, local, and cost-effective.

We began working with some of the world's premier cyber-security experts through Orphan Secure (now Freedom's Shield) to research, locate, and prosecute those who traffic in children internationally.  We continued those relationships with Nations Secure, integrating cyber expertise into our global investigations.  These same experts can do amazing things to understand your vulnerabilities and take corrective action against those that try to exploit them.

Effective security is more than burly guards and cyber experts.  The first step in remaining safe and secure is understanding who, and what, is out there that can cause you harm.  We combine local knowledge with experienced analysts to ensure that you know where to apply your resources, and where you should avoid traveling to.

You know, and we know, that protecting your organization is difficult.  Intellectual and physical property, supply chain, personnel, reputation and much more need to be protected.  When bad things do happen, you need to immediately and effectively respond with detailed contingency plans that are integrated across your enterprise.  We can help you better understand how to develop and execute your processes or provide direct support when needed.