How Traveler Secure works

Imagine being able to "see" your family or employee's present or past five days location on your PC, laptop, pad or smartphone.  Imagine being able to send messages to two people or a group of 500, anywhere around the world or being able to set a boundary around a neighborhood or city that, once violated, either notifies you or triggers a panic alert.  Imagine being able to quickly share someone's profile, contacts, location and much more with authorities... immediately.

On the other side of your what you can see on your dashboard is a daughter or employee with a powerful safety app.  In addition to being able to update you as to their status or receive messages, they can trigger a panic alert that will discreetly connect their phone to a selected number, alert the right people that there is an emergency, and capture pictures, voices and a whole lot more that can be shared with you and authorities.  You can even trigger that panic yourself from your smartphone.  Contrast your life with and without Traveler Secure and consider whether or not you can live without it.  So how do you save a life?

  1. An account is created.  Whether you are setting up your family or receiving an invitation to join someone else's organization, this is the first step.

  2. Invite users.  Organization administrators invite users to join their organization, once the user accepts the invitation and creates an account, they'll show up in your organization and on your dashboard.

  3. Users download the App.  Available from the footer of every Traveler Secure page or through the Apple iStore or Google Play.

  4. Profiles and contacts are edited.  Not required for an organization, every user should create and update their profile and contact information as this is what the pros need in an emergency.

  5. Create groups.  Every user is placed into a group where assigned security managers can edit notifications, create geofences, or view users on the dashboard map.

  6. Security managers (even moms and dads) view current and historical locations and status, send and receive messages, remotely trigger a panic alert or share information with authorities.

  7. Individuals update their status, send or receive a message or trigger a panic alert that will tell their device to place a call, notify others of an emergency and capture a whole lot of useful information.

  8. Panic alert information, data collected from the device, profile, contacts, five days of history and more can be immediately shared with authorities to ensure an immediate and effective response to any incident.

  9. Unlimited groups can be created, to include sub-groups to groups, enabling a family of four or an corporation of 20,000 to customize Traveler Secure for their needs.

  10. Free for anyone to try without entering billing information, after initial free credit expires, organizations fund accounts which are depleted at .17 cents per user, per day.  Individuals joining that organization never pay a cent,

  11. Virtually all profits from Traveler Secure fund our efforts to reduce human trafficking through our partner organization, Freedom's Shield.