An Organization is Created.  

An administrator, parent, or anyone else who is going to manage an organization creates an account. He or she uses the admin tool to send invitations to others' email addresses.

Users Accept Invitations

Invited users click on the link sent in their email then create an account.  They then download the app using the same email and password they created.

Admins Create Groups

Once the invited users create accounts and log in to their smartphone device, they'll show up on in the organization and on the dashboard map.  Right-click the user icon to create a group or add them to a group.  Once groups are created, the admin can assign security managers, customize notifications, create geofences and more.  View profiles, five-days' of movement history, activity, messages, remotely trigger panic alerts, share with authorities...


Create profiles which can be shared with authorities in an emergency and edit contacts.  Once set, they can send receive messages, send updates, or trigger a panic alert.  Their phone will discreetly place a call, begin capturing technical data and notify security managers and any emergency contacts listed.  The right people have the right information in seconds, not hours.  

In an Emergency

Whether initiated by the user, remotely by an admin or security or security manager, or the panic alert is triggered by a geofence violation, notifications are sent out to the organization and a zip file is created and sent to additional emergency contacts.  That zip file can be quickly shared with any authority within minutes, allowing authorities to see up to the minute and the last five days locations, the user profile and all technical data collected by the device, to include audio files, pictures and other technical data.  Nothing saves lives like Traveler Secure.

Paying for Traveler Secure

The owner of the organization, or admin, pays .17 cents per user, per day for those within their organization.  Users pay nothing.  Accounts are funded by credit card whenever the account runs low; we don't auto-charge your account and never maintain your credit card information.  Large organizations can be invoiced.  

Getting Started

To explore Traveler Secure, create an account and explore at no cost as your account is funded at $5.00.  Invite users, create groups to place those users in, and explore the system.  Use the Intelligent Features page as a reference while you're exploring and contact us if you have any questions at all.  You'll need to commit a couple of hours as Traveler Secure is not as simple as other apps that can't do what Traveler Secure does.  Participate in your survival with Traveler Secure.

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Traveler Secure Free Trial

We'll place $5 credit in every new account.  You don't add funds or your credit card number until you're ready.