The App

  • Trip Manager enabled on every download without creating an acccount.
  • Status Check-In shares the right information about your current activity.
  • Works best when associated with a dashboard, but will work fine alone.
  • A simple swipe to activate a Panic Alert and a lot of things happen:
    • Screen defaults to screenshot.
    • Phone calls emergency phone contact; audio is off so bad guys are unaware.
    • Designed by investigators, unique user profile is sent to emergency contacts.
    • Location is sent, and continues to send.
    • Front and back photo and audio files are captured and sent.
    • Other technical data captured and sent; limited by device type, regional laws, and service provider policies.


The Dashboard

  • Integrated with the app, but a separate web-app; use the same login.
  • Works best on a desktop, but works well on a tablet or smartphone.
  • Edit and updated user profile, contacts and settings.
  • Add users to account with simple email invitation.
  • Create groups of 1-1,000 and create unique settings or administrators for each group.
  • See all users location and status, or filter to see specific groups.
  • Settings include location frequency, geofence boundaries, check-in frequency.
  • Violations of geofence and check-in schedule triggers notification or panic alert.
  • Send messages to individuals or groups, or remotely trigger panic alert.
  • Easily share panic alert data with authorities with a simple link. 


The Traveler Secure System

  • Cost effective at less than .17 cents per day, per user.
  • Extremely secure with high encryption and dual server functions.
  • Privacy control is in the hands of the user; turn off or limit provided information (at your risk).
  • Completely scalable, works just as well for an individual, family, or international organization.
  • Offered free or at reduced-cost to international aid organizations and law-enforcement agencies.
  • Offered in English only to start, additional languages offered monthly.
  • Detailed guidance available, but easy enough to understand with exposure.
  • Additional safety, security and usage tips offered through newsletter and social media.
  • Did we mention you can try it for free?

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